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As-Salamu alaikum (May peace be unto you),

It is with this greeting, and with this wish, that I welcome you to this site. Welcome to

So ... What does "Islam" exactly mean? And Who is "Allah?" And do Muslims believe in God? Well, then, who is "Muhammad (pbuh)?" Do Muslims even believe in Jesus/Moses (pbut)?

Those are all very good and common questions. Ones this site is focused on answering, among others of course. So, without further delay, please allow me to answer these questions for you ...

To answer the 1st question, and shed some light on others, I urge you to start with the Definition of Islam. Of course, you can always help yourself to the site's navigation located above and, at times, to the right.

Under "Allah (God)", a sub-category of "Inside Islam", you'll find "Allah vs. God." That should answer a number of questions. And as you can see, more can be found all through-out the top menu structure. I invite you to explore it.

And of course, no one religion in its entirety can be covered on one site, much less by one person; so should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

I personally know and understand that there are many misconceptions and stereotypes about Islam out there; and this site's collection of pages and articles cannot possibly be suffecient, and may even contain inadvertant errors. If for no other reason, I welcome and invite your feedback. For more information on who I am, and a tad about this site's history, please see the about page.

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