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  As-Salamu alaikum (May peace be unto you),

Welcome to our site,, which was created for you and is enriched by your presence and becomes more effective the more you visit, alhamdulillah. In this site, we strive to provide you with all the information you need about a unified and lively Islam. is run and operated by one person: Ahmad al-As'ad Ahmad al-As'ad (Arabic)
Therefore, please accept the sincerest of apologies should a response or an update take a bit longer than usual. was established & launched in early 1998, and has alhamdulillah been running since then.

Our Mission:
To create a unique, global Islamic site on the Internet that provides services to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. To have credibility in content, distinction in design, and become a reference point for everything that deals with Islam, insha'Allah.

Our Goals:

  • To work for the good of humanity, as Islam teaches us, and to uplift Islam under one banner: That there's no god/diety but God Alone and that Muhammad (pbuh) is His messenger.
  • To expand the circle of introducing Islam; present its wholeness and the way its system and laws complement each other; to affirm its balance, fairness and applicability in all places and times; and present tolerance and the humanity of its laws.
  • To strengthen the ties of unity and affiliation between the members of the Islamic community and support informational and cultural exchange.
  • To build confidence and a spirit of hope among Muslims.

Brief Bio.:
My name is Ahmad al-As'ad (Ahmad al-As'ad (Arabic)). I'm a Muslim, alhamdulillah, born in the Middle East and have taken the US as a home.


Please share the great rewards of this site by making a du'aa that Allah (God) accepts from us all. Your sincere du'aa is much appreciated. If you'd like to do more, please help the site by donating. In addition to the costs of hosting, there is the cost of development and maintenance. May He multiply your generosity; ameen.


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